The Story Behind Mario Bros

Nintendo's name would not be released as well with one of the game's most famous character, the Mario Bros.. While it has many fans around the world, perhaps only a handful of people who know the 'full name' Mario Bros..

In an interview, Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka, the man behind the creation of this ikinonik character reveals a little secret about the Mario Bros., including the length of the name of the plumber.

Miyamoto said the full name of the character is Mario Mario Mario Bros. It's based on a film adaptation, which was launched in 1993.
"This is an old story, where his Hollywood lifted Mario Bros. into a movie. Based on that movie, full name Mario version is taken," he said, as reported by Softpedia, Thursday (09/27/2012).

He was told, when it's in a dialog script needed a last name for this character. Supposedly 'Bros' called, but less comfortable. Then someone suggested the name 'Mario' are taken. Be the name of Mario to wear, so that when dilengkapkan be Mario Mario (referring to the first name and last name).

"So, they made a Mario Mario. I heard this and laughed harder. Course, this is ultimately included in the film. Based on the movie, that's their last name. But, like Mickey Mouse does not really have a name, right-Mario really just Mario and Luigi really just Luigi, "he said.

Excerpted from Wikipedia, the Mario Bros. film lifted the big screen in 1993 titled SuperMario Bros, who was then the actors involved are Bob Hoskins (Mario), John Leguizmo (Luigi), Denis Hooper (King Koopa) and many more.

This film ultimately fails to captivate fans of the game, including reaping some criticism.