Three Wheel Scooter Peugeot

Decades Peugeot brand is known as a car brand from the plains of Europe. But that does not mean Peugeot could only make the car alone, as it turns out, the French company is also able to make a motor.

Peugeot Motor shown is a three-wheeled scooter, named Onyx Supertrike. According to the plan will be disclosed in the event the Paris Motor Show.

There are two wheels in the front and one wheel at the back which makes the Onyx Supertrike glance similar to the Piaggio MP3 though Onyx Supertrike looks more muscular in the center-front.

Peugeot says that this concept motorcycle is a sporty commuter for urban communities despite almost certain that Peugeot would have resulted in a mass-production motorcycle in the near future.

At the heart of Onyx Supertrike, Peugeot puts hybrid system that combines a conventional engine capacity of 400 cc with electric motor-powered 45 kW. It is not known how much power can be generated in this mix, it's just, Peugeot says that the torque can reach 42.5 lb-ft.

With the hybrid system, Peugeot also predicted that this bike will be able to walk as far as 100 miles just by drinking 2 liters of petrol.

In Paris later, Onyx Onyx Supertrike will be combined with the carrying Supercar V8 diesel engine. 3.7-liter engine capacity is claimed to be able to bring power 599 hp after aided by the 60 kW electric motor in the rear wheel.