Game Racing Cars Most Tense

Grid, DiRT, or Gran Turismo does have its own charm in the ranks of racing games. But when speaking of quality graphics, Project Cars seem to be emerging as the best of the three on the game board.

Cars Project name is still heard in the ears lay gamers, but beyond that the game was developed by a studio that has been experienced enough, that Slightly Mad Studios.

The British game developers have successfully worked on Shift 2: Unleashed, Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends, and some other games. This time they are trying their luck with making Project Car.

This game is not like the Need for Speed ​​series that brings arcade-style racing, but the players are required to control the car as possible to get past all opponents. Yes, Project Car embrace simulation game.

But outside of the game system, the most special thing in this game is the graphics quality on offer. Slightly Mad Studios has several times made ​​a video trailer that shows how powerful Project Cars, and supposedly the entire scene in it is the original of gameplay the game.

Not to much to tell about this game, but Project Cars promised would be played on the PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii U in 2013. Of course, the quality of the graphics to suit different abilities of each console.