Roboray The Humanoid Robot Samsung

Remember the robot Asimo made ​​automobile manufacturer Honda? Humanoid robot is so impressive because it can shake hands and play football. Well, Samsung now has a rival.

Division robot Samsung has recently introduced their new humanoid robot named Roboray. In IROs technology exhibition 2012 in Portugal some time ago, Roboray any skill performance.

Reported by Auto Evolution and quoted on Wednesday (10/17/2012), Samsung jointly developed Roboray Korean Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) since 2004. She is the evolution of a robot named 'Mahru' as shown in the video aired at the end of this article.

Ability Roboray further developed so that claimed more flexible. This is thanks to the leg joints and hands are more flexible but strong compared to previous versions. As a result, gait Roboray was almost exactly mimic the human ability to walk.

Unfortunately, though claimed more sophisticated than previous versions, Roboray who weighs 62 kg and height 150 cm is not capable of running as Honda's Asimo humanoid robot developed or Toyota.

However, with the addition of a number of capabilities on Roboray, Samsung certainly ambitious robot Asimo can rival. The next development, Roboray will include facial and voice recognition technology to make it more 'alive'.