Parasitic Worms Can Counteract Disease

On the one hand, a parasitic worm is a danger that must be addressed. However, the eradication of worms proved to create change in the pattern of disease in the modern society. During this time, the increasing diseases 'modern' as type 2 diabetes, allergies and asthma are only associated with lifestyle. Rarely play ground for example, make a worm exposure decreases but increases the risk of diabetes because it usually becomes less mobile. Research has shown that changes in the pattern of the disease is directly related to parasitic worm infections. The human immune system for millions of years has been adapted to function optimally if there is exposure to parasitic worms. Prof. Taniawati Supali, parasitology expert from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (Faculty) said that after confirmed as a professor at the college, Saturday (12/20/2014). "I said worms are like two sides of a coin. One side is dangerous and should be eradicated, but on the other hand has benefits for the immune system," says Prof. Taniawati, met after the inauguration ceremony. The study, conducted by Prof. Taniawati based on the hygiene hypothesis, which says that the reduced exposure to infections in childhood contribute to the increased prevalence of allergies and asthma. But of course, does not mean parasitic worms should not be eradicated. "Before the worm runs eradicated, we must learn how they affect the immune system," says Prof. Taniawati. Simply put, people can learn from worms on pressing modern diseases, particularly type 2 diabetes, asthma, and allergies. It is not possible, a panacea when it appears inspired by parasitic worms to overcome these diseases. "Not the worm, but the specific molecules in it. It still took a lot of research, but yes it may be," says Prof. Maria Yazdanbakhsh, parasitology experts from Leiden University Netherlands, which at the same occasion awarded the title of Adjunct Professor of the Faculty of Medicine.

Earthworms have long been cultivated, its usefulness is quite astonishing, ie for medicine and beauty supplements. Indeed, for many people, earthworms are animals that sed * j * kkan. However, behind him a long and slimy that many store benefits. Earthworms generally known as inverting the soil, bird food, and used as bait for fishing. It turns out that the worm is also useful in the medical and health. Here are the benefits of earthworms for health and medicine drug typhus Earthworms were cleaned can inhibit the growth of salmonella bacteria, which normally interfere with the human digestive thyphosa. Patients can consume earthworms boiled or worm capsule powder with honey. Treatment of Typhoid using earthworms apparently recognized by pharmacologists. Diarrhea drug Outbreaks of diarrheal diseases often occur in the community. Well, earthworms become one of the traditional medicine that can be used to cure diarrhea. Earthworms are antibacterial against Escherichia coli and Shigella causes dysentery diarrhea. Blood circulation launched Earthworms contains enzymes that can destroy the bad fats in the blood vessels, so that blood circulation becomes more smoothly. That is the reason why earthworms are frequently used for the treatment of patients with hypertension and stroke. launched Digestion Earthworms containing enzyme, catalase, and cellulose are needed in the body's metabolic processes. Thus, indirectly, the worm can make digestion becomes more refined. antipyretic Earthworm extract nitrogenous bases, which can reduce fever in certain diseases such as typhus. The use of earthworms to reduce the heat turned out better, than chemicals such as paracetamol which can leave side effects. Research on IPB laboratories have proven to treatment. soothe Earthworms contains Pheretima that can affect the nervous system. Pheretima will bring a calming effect, stop seizures, and reduce pain so it is ideal to be used for dental pain, headache, and rheumatism. Increase energy The content of taurine in earthworms can increase fat metabolism, which is converted into energy. This effect is also beneficial for women who are dieting. Maintain healthy skin Earthworms also contains alpha-tocopherol can maintain skin elasticity and youthfulness. To that end, the raw materials supplied by earthworms many perusaahan cosmetics. heal wounds

This is because the worm contains unsusr arachidonic acid, which can accelerate the growth of new cells. Before consumption, earthworms should be treated in the right way. At first stomach worms cut, and remove soil or dirt from the stomach. After that, washed clean and then boiled. Water decoction can also be used as a traditional medicine. However, today there are drugs of earthworms, which can be obtained easily been in the form of capsules, so do not bother to process it. Keep in mind once again, processing earthworms must be completely clean, so no bacterial infection that is in the body of the worm.

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