Bring to a GPS Navteq Ads

SAN FRANCISCO - The provider of digital maps and navigation , Navteq , will expand the mobile advertising platform after making a deal with RIM and Samsung . Launched by Cellular News , on Wednesday ( 23 / 2 / 2011 ), advertising on the GPS service was called Navteq LocationPoint , namely location- based mobile advertising network that offers advertising to smartphone users who happened to be close to the merchants who advertise. This location- based advertising services will guide smartphone users to move to the location in question . The guidance given either direction is not just a way to get to the location in question but also the information provided in stages until the user get to the location designated merchant. " Location- based services represents a new era in the advertising world , supported also by several companies that have joined in LocationPoint our network , " said EVP Sales Navteq , Jeff Mize . According to Mize , because these services provide the relevant location and offers an elegant experience to users , advertising on Navteq LocationPoint will correspond with consumers , offering a quick return on investment to advertisers, and provides ample opportunity to the publishers . Previously , Navteq also has been providing mobile advertising services to its parent company , Nokia . Even Nokia has also joined the network provider of location- based advertising application made by Navteq LocationPoint , like Apello , copilot live, Navigon, Ndrive , Poynt, and Telmap.

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