Tomato Consumption Prevent Prostate Cancer

START now perbanyaklah eating tomatoes. In addition to refreshing the body , eating tomatoes can reduce prostate cancer risk. As scientists from the University of Illinois , eating tomatoes can reduce prostate cancer risk . Currently , the scientists are developing tools that can help track the metabolism of tomato carotenoids in the human body . " Scientists believe that the carotenoids are red, yellow , and orange on the fruit - fruits and vegetables that provide benefits for preventing cancer . But we do not know exactly how it happened , " said John W . Erdman of the University of Ollinois, as reported by the Times of India . The researchers will use the labeling of three carotenoids isotip tomatoes with a heavier carbon atoms to allow tracking of tomato component absorption and metabolism in the body . " We have two questions I want answered . First is the carotenoid itself is bioactive or their metabolic products or oksisatif . Second, that lycopene or carotenoids are also important, " he said . Lycopene which gives the red color in tomatoes is usually used as advertising material for a multivitamin supplement . However, the color is less well known carotenoids like phytoene and phytofluene also have benefits , said Nanci Engelmann of the laboratotiun Erdman . The scientists grow the cells - the cells of tomato with sugar nonradioaktif 13 carbon to yield carbon molecular weight of 12 carbon molecules that exist in other places , said Erdman . Carbon molecule is then inserted in the carotenoids in tomato cells . As a result , researchers can track the activity of lycopene, phytoene , and phytofluence and metabolites in the human body .

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