Japan' s Bullet Train Hayabusa Launch

Tokyo : In order to treat its people with advanced transport technology, the Japanese government finally launched its new bullet train that is named Hayabusa , or Falcon . Slender bullet train and the long nose was reported to have speeds up to 300 km per hour . As reported by the Xinhua website, recently , the latest generation of trains for the first time in the last 14 years it became the fastest train in Japan with class luxury model railway transportation business . However, the Hayabusa is still far adrift with Chinese- owned railway , Harmony Express , which has a maximum speed of up to 350 km per hour . On the day of launch, Hayabusa will serve the route between Tokyo and Aomori, about 713 km north of Tokyo . In the first class train carriage service , the passenger will be treated with as much alcohol beverages and snacks provided free - no charge . Not only that , passengers are also pampered with genuine leather seats comfortably equipped with a personal reading light and a special footrest.

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