Tokyo high as 10 meters Tsunami

TOKYO - An earthquake of magnitude 8 , 8 ricter scale (SR ) , which hit Japan this morning , causing huge damage . Until now still not known how many casualties and the amount of loss caused by the tsunami caused by an earthquake that occurred on the peninsula Tokyo . More than four million buildings in Tokyo are now experiencing a blackout , after the tsunami hit as high as 10 meters in Tokyo. Images can be from television station NHK showed the tsunami waves swept the building and also the fields that exist in coastal areas , reports Reuters on Friday (11 / 3 / 2011 ) . The tsunami was also affected by the issuance of tsunami warnings in several other countries such as Russia , Hawaii, Taiwan, Philippines and Indonesia . Previously it was reported that the earthquake which struck at 2 : 46 local time at a depth of 10 kilometers , approximately 120 kilometers from the east coast . The region is located approximately 380 kilometers from the region north of Tokyo, only measuring 7 , 9 SR . However, the strength of earthquakes increased to 8 , 8 SR. Areas north pacific coast of Japan , Sanriku , on Wednesday hit by earthquake shocks of 7 , 2 SR . While in 1933 , an earthquake measuring 8 , 1 SR has killed approximately three thousand residents . Earthquakes are common in Japan are still in an active seismic region. Noted that approximately 20 percent of the world ' s earthquakes occur in this region with an average strength of 6 SR even more ..

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