GTX 590, Nvidia GF110 Core Processor from Asus

Processor speed is increasingly becoming something seeded in the selection of computer equipment. Asus also spawned an armed core GTX 590 NVIDIA GF110. According to official information the Asus, Saturday (04/02/2011), ASUS NVIDIA GTX 590 using the core GF110 brings dual performance graphic process is higher than the graphics card products with anysingle board. Thanks to ASUS 'exclusive Voltage Tweak that allows This graphics card works at speeds up to 918MHz, this feature allowed to run DirectX 11 games at a resolution highest, with all the details and effects as much as possible, and for 3D gaming and watching movies are fine and so real with NVIDIA 3D Surround Vision presented at 3 screen. ENGTX590/3DIS/3GD5 ASUS graphics card, dual GPU with NVIDIA GF110 on a single board. The use of multiple GPUs to improve the performance beyond GF110 reference design GTX580 previous generation, exceeds graphic processing capability compared to products based on NVIDIA Fermi strongest single current. Video Memory 3GB with a fast GDDR5 technology and 384-bit memory interface for bandwidth and better interconnectivity with other system components. ASUS GTX 590 uses a core that runs at 612MHz, so that makes it a graphics card fastest dual-core processors ever. Utilities overvolting Voltage Tweak exclusive of ASUS also utilize all the advantages, allowing users can use the extra cooling increase the speed of the graphics card clock speeds up to 50 percent faster, be 918MHz. This means significant improvement for image smoothness and response at game. Support for NVIDIA 3D Surround Vision thanks to the ability of graphics cards with dual-GPU, allowing you to easy to output full HD 3D display simultaneously at 3 screen. 2 GPU a balanced and optimal on a board on the GTX 590 offers more than twice the ability of GTX 580, and always operate on a 2-way SLI configuration by default.

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