PlayStation 3 vs Xbox 360

After a long period or approximately 5 years, popularity of game consoles PlayStation 3 finally surpassed Xbox360. For times First, the adoption PlayStation 3 in the realm of now more global compared to the Xbox 360. Microsoft's Xbox 360 was released a year earlier than PlayStation 3, namely in 2005. The console is more popular thanks to the presence Kinect, control body movement-based games that sold well. But it did not prevent PS 3 match it slowly. As quoted from the Tech Herald, Monday (04/04/2011), data from Strategy Analytics shows that the PS 3 is currently adopted 43.4 million users around the world. While thin on the Xbox 360 behind with 42.9 million. The reports record sales footprint until it closed in 2010 Xbox 360 sales suggests eroded because of its popularity declined in Europe and Asia. Until the end of 2011, Xbox 360 is predicted to total 56.6 million units sold and the PS 3 as much 59.1 million units. However, the ruling segment remains the game console Nintendo Wii. This product has a total of 75.5 million users. Will However, the diminishing popularity of the Wii is projected in 2011 because prospective buyers may still awaiting the issue of truth presence anyarnya generation.

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