Amazon Immediate Release Tablets Android

Amazon Immediate Release Tablets Android
Jakarta, Amazon has long preached will enliven the tablet PC market with the release of its appliances themselves. Now rumors are circulating that the tablet will be launched soon.

Rumors are circulating over the Amazon spread invitation to press conference to be held on Wednesday in New York next week. The online retailer did not disclose many details, but it is believed that the carpet will be used to announce their tablet devices.

Previously, one person from the technology blog TechCrunch, MG Sieglar claimed that he tasted sudsh prototype tablet in which Amazon has a full color screen 7-inch dimension and is supported by the multi-touch two fingers.

It says it runs the Android operating system. Unfortunately, the tablet does not have a camera and its user interface is not much different from the IOS application belongs to the Amazon Kindle.

Quoted from ZDNet, Sunday (09/25/2011), tablets Android Amazon will have 6GB of storage space and is priced around $ 250.

The presence of these tablets is predicted to be slaughtered Andorid tablets which already exists. It is not because of better hardware, but rather the Amazon content distribution network that is not infinite.
Amazon Immediate Release Tablets Android

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