firefox 7 was available

firefox 7 was available
CALIFORNIA - Mozilla has just released the latest version of the Firefox browser, ie Firefox 7, which is capable of running on Windows, Mac and Linux. The browser is able to optimize the memory management to accelerate the process of browsing.

Memory management functions will assist in resolving obstacles while browsing, such as 'lag' will be reduced when multiple tabs open simultaneously in a long time.

This upgrade also makes the developers happy, because they offer a new tool that offers an easier option to build a deeper experience for the user in browsing. Similarly, as quoted by TG Daily, Wednesday (28/09/2011).

For example, the latest version of Firefox is now using 7 HTML 5 are connected at high speed with animations and games in Firefox. This makes the developers more easily create more interactive web code on a few games and the best animation, like Angry Birds or Runfield.

In addition, Firefox 7 was using the navigation time in accordance with the specifications of the W3C API. This is useful for measuring the loading time and navigation tabs on the website based on the speed of bandwidth, web traffic and other factors.

Technology API will help developers in web user experience testing remotely, by optimizing the websites and web applications quickly based on various types of scenarios that have been prepared.

All these technologies are used Mozilla Firefox to 7 could improve the future of Firefox by using telemetry or devices designed to Mozilla Privacy Principles that provide a fast browser performance enhancements, personalized and safe from malware attacks.

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