Many Overlooked Features of Windows 7

Many Overlooked Features of Windows 7
Bogor, Given its dominance in the market share of the operating system (OS) globally, claims Microsoft Windows has become part of everyday computer users in the world. Ironically, not many people know and maximize the range of features in the OS.

Mentioned CMO Microsoft Indonesia Hermawan Sutanto, now they were actively jealous educate the added value of computer use.

"Using a computer is now not just casual wear. Then we educate them about the various features are integrated to support daily activities," said Hermawan on the sidelines of the Microsoft Family Campaign in Puncak, Bogor.

Education is one of them by promoting the 'Microsoft' Family Campaign 'which promotes the benefits of a Windows PC for the family. Not only in Indonesia, the campaign was conducted in 35 countries.

"The challenge for Windows is how to educate the various features present in it. The features that have long existed but many people do not realize. And a variety of interesting features in Windows is now we integrate," said Hermawan.

Microsoft Education was conducted at two levels. In addition to Microsoft's own people are stepping in, the retailer becomes a Windows PC that was equipped with knowledge of Microsoft partners so they can provide clear information about products and features of Windows.
Promotion also intensively carried out to attract consumers to buy and use a Windows PC. Related to the family campaign for example, Microsoft provides a vacation sweepstakes program. Is for 2,000 people, this sweepstakes award vouchers worth $ 1,000,000 with Air Asia. The trick, users simply buy any variant of Windows 7.

PC vendors are Microsoft partners also presents the bonuses and other benefits to buyers of Windows PCs. While the official retailer in cooperation with Microsoft, provides various facilities such as ease of purchase payments and others.

'Microsoft Family Campaign' 14 supported Microsoft's vendor partners include HP, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Lenovo, Dell, Sony, Samsung, Fujitsu, Zyrex, Toshiba, Wearness, Advan and C3Cube. While the three major retailers in cooperation with Microsoft yan Pazia ie, IT Gallery and Bhinekacom
Many Overlooked Features of Windows 7

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