iPad 3 & iPhone 5 Screen Derived From Jepang

TOKYO - According to a Japanese blog, Macotakara, Apple will use Japanese-made screens for the iPad and a new generation iPhone.

Launched by Pop Herald, Sunday (27/11/2011), a rumor said that the latest design of the next generation iPhone will use a larger screen. Possible suppliers of these screens will come from the land of Sakura.

Reportedly, Hitachi and Sony Mobile had begun sending a screen larger than 4 inches to Apple to get used to the new IOS. There is the possibility of such devices will be present next year.
As is known, the iPhone 4S which is the latest generation of the iPhone 4 did not make many changes physically, or both use a 3.5-inch screen. Apparently the screen with a size of more than 4 inches are being prepared for the iPhone 5.

Meanwhile, the iPad 3 is also reportedly ready to slide in 2012. Reportedly again Hitachi and Sony Mobile has designed a liquid crystal display (LCD) for the iPad 3. Macotakara also reported two Japanese companies will work together with Toshiba Mobile Display to form the 'Japan Display' in the spring of 2012.

It seems that the latest generation of the iPhone that uses a larger screen than ever prepared to fight the Ice Cream Sandwich Android smartphone made ​​by Samsung and Google with a 4.65 inch screen.

IOS and Android seems now not only competing to develop the operating system only, but now they began to compete on the use of a higher quality hardware.

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