Unique temples in Jambi Indonesia

JAMBI - Jambi is a province rich in heritage temples of Hindu-Buddhist civilization, as the province's main tourist potential. Here, Legal will review one of the unique temple in Edinburgh, the Temple Kedaton.

The temple is part of the region Kedaton enshrinement Muara Jambi, which is one of the largest enshrinement complex in Southeast Asia. At the entrance to this temple, there is a large trench that is being reclaimed by the government of Jambi to be used as tourist sites Water.

The existence of Kedaton known temple in 1976, and the results of archaeological research shows that the temple complex Kedaton is building the largest and most widespread among the temple complex in Muara Jambi.

This temple has an area of ​​55,850 square meters, and is restricted fence made of brick, with the main building which has an area of ​​28.13 meters x 25.5 meters. The name Temple Kedaton given by local residents who emerged from the imagination the picture of the temple as a place that is sturdy and majestic.

The uniqueness of the temple Kedaton other temples is its structure. The temple has a charge Kedaton gravel with large rocks. In fact, all the buildings in the complex Muara Jambi has a structure of earth or brick. It is estimated, these pebbles come from the region upstream Batanghari River.

The origins of civilization Kedaton Temple is still being debated by archaeologists and cultural experts.
Because, in the ruins of this temple ever found a bronze pot, which allegedly is not an original work of Edinburgh, and has similarities with bronze tools found in the temples in Bali and Java (has elements of China). So presumably the influence of Chinese civilization in the development and life in this Kedaton Temple thousands of years ago.

There's more of a behind the temple ruins of this temple which has not been completed Kedaton restored. It is also found in the rubble-gravel kerikir as well as some sculpture sculpture that serves as a 'guardian' of the temple.

Around the temple there are hedge Kedaaton durian tree, so be careful when walking as many ripe durian fruit that has fallen to the ground. Yet
This location makes this temple Kedaton also has other attractions, namely durian culinary tour.

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