Compellent Technologies , Dell Acquisition

Dell completed the acquisition of purchase of Compellent Technologies , Inc . . Compellent Technologies is a solutions provider of highly - virtualized storage with automated data management features emerging , including tiering and thin provisioning , for enterprise and cloud computing environments. " Compellent and Dell has a vision to help companies and enterprise customers to optimize investment and cloud storage (storage ) them . Architecture Fluid Data from Compellent helps provide vision by enabling customers to store data appropriate to the proper storage and at the right cost. Our team Dell is committed to helping change the data center with an open solution , capable, and affordable that allows customers to do more with their IT finance, " said Phil Soran, Compellent president of Dell, as quoted by official statement on Thursday (24 / 2 / 2011 ) . Acquisition Compellent is the latest strategic investment to expand its award- winning Dell ' s storage portfolio enterprose - including EqualLogic and PowerVault her . Compellent technologies merging with the current Dell storage solutions significantly enhance Dell ' s strategy to help its customers to manage data growth , reduce costs and dramatically storgae menyederahanakan IT infrastructure . Compellent Technologies Fluid Data combines a powerful data movement engines , intelligent software and modular hardware that can cut costs by 80 percent . Fluid Data Architecture provides block- level intelligence to automatically place the data in storage (storage ) is appropriate to optimize performance and maximize cost savings. Openness , ready for the future design of Compellent integrates with applications - applications and infrastructur that enable customers to perform scaling on a single platform and increase the capacity without forklift upgrades . In addition , Compellent SAN is supported by the copilot Support , which go beyond traditional support offerings by identifying and solving problems , often before a problem occurs . Dell plans to affect the supply channel Compellent to create industry - leading storage programs through partnerships and new initiatives . Dell will combine a deal registration program channel owned by two companies, expanding the program this new deal registration to all partners, and introduce a program in which the partners can grow and maintain a relationship with customers when they have sold a Dell storage solutions . Under the terms of the agreement, Dell pay USD 27 , 75 per share in cash for each share Compellent for a total equity value of approximately USD 940 million, and aggregate market value of about $ 800 million, after cash minus Compellent. This amount includes the value of Compellent shares currently on hold by Dell at the time of closing.

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