Virus X Attack 150 thousand phones in China

BEIJING - Approximately 150 thousand users of smart phones in China reportedly attacked by a virus called ' X Undercover' . The virus called ' X Undercover' is only attacking the smart phone, but has spread to all corners of the Chinese nation. Similarly , as quoted from Techtree, Friday ( 25 / 2 / 2011 ). X Undercover could make the hackers to monitor phone calls and men - copy a text message. The virus did so by taking advantage through the cracks of existing vulnerabilities in smart phones , and open a three - track service calls without user ' s knowledge. Undercover X virus has the ability to gain access to a telephone and messaging services without sepengatahuan users . The virus has serious implications , which also allow hackers to track the GPS position of the victim . Undercover X is also offered on several websites in China as a monitoring tool to spy - spy on spouse , dishonest employee, a stubborn child , and others . Viruses are sold at a price of 3 . 000 Yuan.

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