Android Market burglarized Malware

CALIFORNIA - Android operating system again attacked by viruses that are considered dangerous . After the previous virus targeting the handset. Currently , the target is a direct application store, the Android Market . According to reports security company Sophos, the Android Market on- jacked and then infiltrated with malware and then users are directed to the Android Market application store in China. Reported by TG Daily , Saturday (12 / 3 / 2011 ) , a virus that attacks the Android Market is kind of Trojan , which utilizes a menganganga hole in Android, which is an open- based operating system . " Defrauding includes functionality to send MMS messages, for example , when the device boots up itself, " explained Svajcer , from Sophos. " The pattern of attack to create a fake security tool that detects threats that do not exist is very common in the PC world and has brought a lot of revenue for cybercriminals , " he said .,

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