Near Tsunami Japanese Nuclear Safety

Vienna - An earthquake with a devastating tsunami waves devastated the island of Honshu, northeastern Japan. Now the Japanese government is focusing cope with casualties and severe damage from the disaster . Because nuclear power plants adjacent to the location of an earthquake is expressed in a safe condition . This was conveyed by the International Atomic Energy Agency ( IAEA ) , as reported by Reuters on Friday (11 / 3 / 2011 ) . IAEA , the UN nuclear watchdog are looking for information explaining further nuclear facilities in other countries at high risk of earthquake - damaged Japanese. " Four Japanese nuclear power plant near the quake has stopped its activities, " such as the IAEA released. However, communication with the relevant authorities in Japan continue to be done. " The IAEA has also sent an offer services to Japan " . Japanese media launch his government had decided to declared nuclear power in an emergency . This statement is to anticipate when a leak of radioactivity from a nuclear power plant or reactor coolant system is broken . Separately , Fukushima Prefecture , the site of Nuclear Power in Tokyo to ensure the reactor coolant system is working . The answer is once again denied rumors circulating on the plant such leakages .,

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