BMW ' s Electric Car Test I3 at the North Pole

New York , a few weeks after introducing a new family of the i - series BMW , BMW was caught testing a variant of the Megacity electric car or i 3 in the polar north . As quoted from leftlanenews , Sunday ( 14 / 3 / 2011 ) from the image shown when i 3 Boxy- style design brings an urban car today . At first glance the car looks like the Toyota iQ, although i 3 will have a wider rear seat. I own BMW 3 previously known as the Megacity which will become the first city - owned BMW vehicles in 2013 that use pure electricity as their driving force . Megacity will use a powertrain similar to BMW ' s Active E 2011 . So that these vehicles will be equipped with lithium - ion battery that can deliver power to an electric motor that can produce 170 hp ( 127 kW / 172 PS ) and 184 lb - ft ( 249 Nm ) of torque. Unfortunately specification Megacity not yet known in detail. But if we bandaingkan with BMW Active E , this vehicle can reach 000- 100 km per hour in less than 9 seconds , and has a top speed of about 145 km per hour , and sped up to 161 km when the battery is full . While other family members namely i - series BMW i 8 developed based on the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept car that will use a hybrid system that makes high- performance but with low fuel consumption . Both models will be based on a new construction called the LifeDrive. This new construction will use the aluminum chassis with carbon fiber - reinforced packing plastic (CFRP ) on the body which makes the car lighter without sacrificing strength of the material . Both these cars will be built at BMW factory in Leipzig , Germany which has enhanced its ability to spray money around 400 million euros . For starters sub - brand new BMW will be born in New York , the United States after the BMW i will begin to colonize other areas around the world , perhaps also including Indonesia.

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