The U . S . Embassy regrets Leaking Information

JAKARTA - The U . S . Embassy in Jakarta joined the news The Age responded that also touched on the leaked information from Wikileaks . For the U . S . Embassy , it did not want to comment on the material contained in the paper The Age is . However, the U . S . ambassador to Indonesia , Scott Marciel deplores any information leakage events are intended as confidential, including the private conversation between colleagues or assessments and personal observations of the diplomats. " Our official foreign policy is not determined by the message - this message, but in Washington , " said Scott Marciel in a release to the Legal , Friday ( 11 / 3 / 2011 ) . According to Scott, U . S . policy is not something secret . It has been proven according to the U . S . when it issued the policy to the whole world . Disclosure of confidential information against unauthorized by Wikileaks has implications for the lives of individuals mentioned in distress , but also for cooperation between the countries - countries. As written in The Age one of U . S . Embassy personnel involvement is when an agent from the U . S . Embassy in Indonesia to get information from the NGO Anti - Corruption in Indonesia , which mentions no credible data showing the campaigns of President SBY in the 2009 election and then use the bailout funds Century .,

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