Diamond Therapy For Cancer Patients

Illinois : Not only can become a good friend to women. Diamond was also help fight cancer cells . The experts at the University Nerthwestern discover new chemotherapy using diamond particles known as nanodiamonds. Chemotherapy methods are said by experts as the most powerful method to combat cancer . Because the content of diamond in these therapies can destroy the ability of cells to mutate to become stronger . This method has previously been tested on rats suffering from liver cancer and breast cancer . Previously , mice - mice were divided into two groups. The first group was given anti - cancer drug doxorubicin through nanodiamonds. While the second group given only doxorubicin tanpan nanodiamonds . As a result , a mixture of nanodiamonds and doxorubicin to work 10 times more effective . Even the mixture significantly shrink the tumor cells and increase the life expectancy of rats .

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