Japan Earthquake , Miyabi Search at Yahoo Rises

If in the world , the search for the keyword ' earthquake' and ' tsunami ' terdongkrak sharp , the same thing also happened in Indonesia, coupled with related search Japanese actress, Miyabi. As in other parts of the Asia Pacific region, the Indonesian people also do a search with a variety of different terms related to Japan earthquake, and look for news , maps , videos and images related to the earthquake in that country . " Real look that reminded people of Indonesia ' s tsunami in Aceh and Papua in Yahoo! Search Trends observed during the search of the two . It is interesting to note that there is the search for the actress Miyabi where there is increasing Yahoo! search for photos Miyabi, " said Yahoo' s party in his official statement on Wednesday (16 / 3 / 2011 ) . Unfortunately , the Yahoo did not provide detailed information about the growth would be related search Miyabi. Only search related Japanese actress named Maria Ozawa has indeed increased since the earthquake and tsunami in Japan , supported my curiosity about the fate of the artist when disaster struck . These data obtained via Yahoo Yahoo ! Search Trends. Internet search engine that claims to witness a sharp rise in short periods of related news and information on Japan ' s earthquake and tsunami . In Taiwan , the related search queries increased 80 earthquake and tsunami . 000 percent . In Hong Kong , the volume of searches for keywords earthquake increased by 4 . 000 percent and the tsunami 10. 600 percent and since then both of these key words stand as the most searched keywords . Similarly , Korea is also showing an increase of 23. 520 percent for the term ' earthquake' and 40 . 025 percent for the tsunami . All this reveals the profound effect of earthquakes on the thoughts and feelings of people across Asia Pacific . Users also tried to make searching for specific keywords with a few variations such as ' Japan earthquake' , ' Japan tsunami ' , ' earthquake in 2011 ' , ' Japanese tsunami in 2011 ' . In Singapore and Malaysia , the keyword ' Japan tsunami ' respectively increased by 30. 450 per cent and 9 . 100 percent just a day after the tsunami hose. An important observation from other Yahoo! Search Trends is on the search for donations , which the user wants to know how they can help repair Japan ' s disaster . In Singapore , the search for the Red Cross , Japan earthquake donation , and Pray for Japan showed significant improvement. The number of searches on Yahoo! related to disaster prediction and forecasting in Japan , the Nikkei and Tokyo Stock Exchange, the film with scenes of disasters like the sinking of Japan , 2012 and The Day after Tomorrow and the rumors of the death of Japanese figures such as the creator of Pokemon characters , Hello Kitty and actress Maria Ozawa (Miyabi) be increased since the earthquake of Japan .

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