Odyssey Dawn , U . S . Deficit Billions of Dollars per 6 Hours

WASHINGTON - The military operation conducted by the U . S . to catch Moammar Gaddafi was not kidding . Super- sophisticated military equipment deployed . Then , what it will cost dirogoh U . S . President Barack Obama to fund the program Odyssey Dawn ? Clearly, the Pentagon will not open - about the strategy of opening up to the cost of fighting them . However, a number of foreign observers tried to count them . Counting basically , to do the explosion of a bomb , it takes a lot of fuel . Because the bombs were dropped by plane jet . Based on rough calculations, United stepped up a number of fighter aircraft, 11 ships , including three submarines , two destroyers and two amphibious ships , and a jet fighter F - 15 , which crashed . Not to mention the ammo of weapons is estimated totaling nearly $ 1 billion . A Tomahawk missile price is USD 1 - 1 , 5 million. To fly the aircraft needed to USD 10 thousand per hour . Not yet the cost of 2 . 000 army troops . Zack Cooper, an analyst with the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, said the initial cost of the operation was between USD 400 million and USD800 million. Cooper said the missiles and bombs are the most expensive cost . As the campaign progresses , the cost of fuel is also the largest. " The real question is who will bear the burden of the costs and maintain no- fly zone ?" he asked . " Every six hours , we have a deficit of billions of dollars, " said local official, Roscoe Bartlett , " That means billions of dollars of debt for our children, our grandchildren . Grandson of us who will have to pay back, " he told commercialappeal. com , Thursday (24 / 3 / 2011 ) . President Barack Obama has previously asserted that the United States will control the operations within the next few days . Meanwhile , Defense Secretary Robert Gates declared that the operation control will take place at least until Saturday . State Department officials, Pentagon, and the Treasury Department, declined to comment on this issue.

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