Opera Releases Opera Mini 6 and Opera Mobile 11

Opera has just launched two mobile browser version anyarnya, namely Opera Mini Opera Mobile 6 and 11 the latest. As is known , Opera Mini is a browser that works utilize the Opera server that compresses web pages first, before sending it to mobile users . Thus , data received by smaller users up to a tenth of its original size and can be sent more quickly. While the Opera Mobile browser is more intended as smart phones and tablet computers . Opera Mobile browser Opera Presto engine which terdapatpada Opera desktop browser , and already supports HTML 5 . Two of these mobile browser offers some latest features , including navigation scrolling, panning , and zooming are smoother and the performance has been improved from the previous . Now users can enlarge the image on the phone with only a ' pinch ' the touch screen . Of course this could apply to the device - a device that supports multi- touch screen features . Another novelty is the emergence of shared key features . With this button , the user will be easier to send links of websites that the middle he saw , to Twitter , Facebook , and My Opera . As reported by the site BerryReview , Opera Mini also provides features Open Link in Background , in which users can open a new tab in the background so as not to interrupt the middle of reading a web page . Today , the Opera browser has some 100 million users around the world . Indonesia is the country ' s second - largest user of Opera Mini, after Russia .

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