Three Dutch Marines Army Khadafi Arrested

Amsterdam : Dutch marines detained Three Military Pro - Khadafi after they were arrested while trying to evacuate to help two European citizens, said a spokesman for the Dutch Defense Ministry on Thursday (3 / 3 ) . Marines - Marines were arrested on Sunday (27 / 2 ) by a number of armed men after they landed in Sirte with a helicopter from Dutch naval ship stationed off the coast of Libya to help the evacuation of people - people who want to get out of the north African country . NOS Dutch public broadcasting entities, Thursday ( 3 / 3 ) , the third picture shows the marines, which was broadcast by Libyan state television , which said the three men had entered the Libyan airspace " in violation of international law . " The image was blurred image shows helicopters , guns and marines, the marines. Two European citizens being helped by the marines had been transferred to the Dutch embassy in Tripoli and has left the country . Identity - marines marines were not disclosed by the Dutch government . Besides the Netherlands , a number of other European countries including Britain and France also have sent ships to help evacuate refugees from Libya. (liputan 6)

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