Wikileaks will be Filmed

Los Angeles: whistle - blower site creation Julian Assange , Wikileaks , has never been the subject of news. After leaking a secret United States documents, Wikileaks make reliable director Steven Spielberg fell in love . Metro. co . uk announce on Wednesday ( 3 / 3 ), the cold - handed director intends to make a movie about Wikileaks and its founder. Spilberg is one representative of the production house DreamWorks . He along with Holly Bario and Mark Sourian will handle the film directly . At this time, Spielberg was preoccupied with estimating all actors involved , including the president who was recorded in Wikileaks . Head of Guardian News & Media editor Alan Rusbridger welcomed the proposal . " Previously , no media is divulge confidential diplomatic documents . Wikileaks has changed the world view of journalism , " he said . WikiLeaks site founder' s life story , Julian Assange , also get people' s attention . A book publisher has revealed ins and outs of life was an Australian citizen in a biography (liputan 6)

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