Dell Tablet Ready to Launch Windows 7

CALIFORNIA - Dell allegedly middle develop at least two tablet PCs which displays the Windows 7 platform. Both tablets are said to be marketed under their Latitude brand. This is actually already heard rumors since last February, when the lineup smartphones and tablets company United States throughout 2011 leaked to public. However the latest leaks successful reveals specifications and release time The second tablet. As reported by Engadget, Monday (25/04/2011), one tablet with operating system Windows 7 it is Latitude XT-3 plan would be released July. Latitude XT-3 will have 13-inch screen and rely on Intel processors as pacunya kitchen. In addition, the Latitude XT-3 also has a memory capacity of 4GB RAM and a number of features such as Smart Card and Fingerprint Reader. After the XT-3, Dell also will market Latitude ST, October. The tablet has a smaller screen size, which is 10 inches. Carrying an Intel Oak Trail 1.5GHz and 2GB RAM memory, Latitude ST equipped with two cameras (1.3MP front and 3MP rear), GPS and battery have a resistance to eight hours. In addition to these two tablets of Windows 7, Dell also plans to launch a tablet Android Streak Pro, June 2011.

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