Robot Unikom Bandung Robot Defeat Israel, U.S., & China

BANDUNG - Five robots University Komputer Indonesia (UNIKOM), Bandung managed to win the competition robot in international game Robowaiter Trinity College and Robogames 2011. Competition conducted in Building 9 April 2011 Oosting Gym, Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut, United States. There are three categories of successful competition WELCOME dijuarai robot teams, namely category RoboWaiter Entry Level. In this category robot must be very clever serving human food needs. This category followed by 17 teams from enpat countries, two in them from the Master (Indonesia), four team from Israel, a team from China, and 10 team from the United States. In this category, the robot team WELCOME champion won one and two, namely Advanced RoboWaiter RWS Root DU99-4 and RoboWaiter Entry Level Robot DU99 RWS. WELCOME robot team also won in the category Advanced RoboWaiter, namely RoboWaiter Advanced Robot DU99 RWE. This category followed by four teams from four countries, namely one from Indonesia, one from Israel, one from Canada, and one of America States. While in the competition at Robogames San Mateo County Event Center San Mateo California, USA, Digital robot team send seven robots. Two robots gold medal, the robot DU 114 V 11 on the Open Fire Fighting And Autonomous Robots in DU 112 SE Open Ribbon Climber Autonomous. The team leader Robot Master Yusrila Kerlooza mention, the team that went to the U.S. consists of four people. Besides Yusrila, also lecturer Nizar N Taufiq builder, and two members of the team and Ridyan Ardiyan HeriSaffarudin Ariyani. "We brought 10 robot to contested in tijih category existing. And thank God we can five wins, "said Yusrila, while Digital press conference in Bandung, Java West, on Monday (4/25/2011). In a news conference also attended by members team that did not leave, they are students and alumni WELCOME namely M Bayu Nurzaman, Anton Ade Purnama, Asrul Rizal, Didier Andre Jatmiko, Giri Laya Bahari, Rifki Hamdi, Sendy Tia Prayoga, Ken Kinanti, Ali Mubarokah, Rosi Hartono.

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