Develop Rocket USA World's Largest

WASHINGTON - A company of origin U.S. is developing the largest rocket in the world who can carry the burden of two times higher than previous rockets. "Heavy Falcon rocket is the most powerful rocket since the Saturn V used for carry astronauts to the moon in the year 60's, "said Elon Musk, Chief Executive of Space Exploration Technologies, or known as Space X. It will be the largest rocket capable of lifting 53 metric tons out space, or approximately double the Heavy Falcon rocket capacity. Thus as quoted by The Hindu, Wednesday (06/04/2011). "This opens a new world rockets for the government and scientists, " he said. Musk said that Falcon Heavy ready launched in 2013 and will be far more cost effective than the rocket cargo other. For Falcon flight Heavy will cost around $ 80 million to USD125 million. Heavy Falcon will focus on carry cargo into space with High security procedures to bring astronauts. This year NASA plans to retire some aircraft re- aliknya, and plans to use commercial space flight service to transport the goods under Orbital Commercial program Transportation Services (COTS). Space X has been contracted by NASA to transporting goods to the outside station space belongs to them.

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