Toshiba Notebook Set Free 3D Glasses

Seeing the look of three dimensional (3D) sometimes often troubled with glasses. Luckily, now there are technologies that can frees users of glasses kala enjoy the dish picture yanglebih life them. This is the middle Toshiba developed. Japanese Companies It reportedly is preparing 3D notebook that can be enjoyed without special glasses. Quoted from Tg Daily, Thursday (04/07/2011), 3D device free glasses actually already started to grow lately. Nintendo game console vendors also have started to tease the market withits new product, Nintendo 3DS. There was also a row of other products such as photo frames Digital 3D, 3D preview of the camera display, and will also be followed by smartphones and tablet PCs. Toshiba already has its own true and tested 3D notebook luck in the market with these products. Unfortunately, fate Toshiba shade less well at the time, with the final result less successful. But it seems with the preparation of 3D notebook without glasses that staying digadang will be introduced in 2011, the Toshiba still has not broken charcoal to conquer the market.

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