HTC outperform Nokia & RIM's Stock Exchange

TAIPEI - Taiwan-based HTC mobile phone vendor managed to outperform Nokia andResearch In Motion RIM) in terms of stock value Taiwan stocks rise following overall by 1.69 percent. Yahoo News reported on Thursday (04/07/2011), HTC's share value rose 5.26 percent, bringing the total value of company stock into USD33, 8 billion. This figure is higher than Nokia's $ 32 notes, 84 billion and RIM (USD28, 5 billion). Increase in value of these shares is believed to be the impact of efforts Japan's economic recovery after the earthquake and tsunami- March 11 ago. "Japan will inject a lot of money for financial system thus attracting more foreign investors return to market developed such as South Korea and Taiwan, "said Robert Hsieh, assistant vice president of financial firm Shin Kong Financial. Unlike many Android devices, HTC superior thanks to the unique design of hardware and software set company. In addition, some analysts also judge that the HTC move quickly in adopting new trends and create unique device. Goldman Sachs analyst for Robert Chen predicts that HTC will ship approximately 200 million mobile phones and 30 million computers tablets each year in three to five years into the future. "This discourse reflects the position of superior and HTC allows the company to dredge the advantage of the trend convergence of broadband, the potential for significant growth in developing markets, as well as product roadmap and promotion brand that will continue to improve the preference among global customers, "said Chen.

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