The sophistication of the BMW X3 New

PT BMW Indonesia has recently launched a car sport utility vehicle (SUV) and the latest X3 xDrive35i X3 xDrive20d. BMW says the car carrying the advanced features that are not found on its competitors. "Among them, BMW's latest iX3 superior in terms of use all-wheel-drive system drives (xDrive), and audio quality highly qualified, "said Izhar Jentri W. Regional Manager Sales PT BMW Indonesia. Let's see what the car with the sophistication that has propolsional the design. From entertainment systems, special xDrive35i X3, and X3 xDrive20d Executive comes with a USB Audio Interface, 6.5-inch monitor with a color liquid crystal display, Radio BMW Profeesional, CD, BMW HiFi Loudspeaker System with 12 speakers and digital 205 watt power amplifier. As for X3 xDrive20d Business type only has 6 fruit speakers, but claimed to still produce sound though qualified. In addition to attending the eight-speed automatic transmission, both BMW's brand-new SUV models equipped with the technology, Auto Start Stop. This feature is what is said can use to save fuel. How could I not, in the presence of these features, the engine will automatically turn off when the state stopped in time long (eg when at a red light). Mengaktifakan it was not difficult, because the only pressing the pedal brake. And as well as activate it, simply by removing brake pedal and gas pedal. Some features of BMW's technology is also carried EfficientDynamic Thiscar is brake energy regeneration, Electric Power Steering, intelligent lightweight construction, and tires equipped with a reduced rolling resistance. This car is also equipped with four-wheel drive xDrive. "When you drove the streets of asphalt, the portion of wheel spin pembangian are 60 (front) and 40 (rear), so stay comfortable and do not bother, "said Jentri. "As soon as the wheels experience slippage, then automatically power required will distributed another wheel, "continued Jentri. BMW X3 xDrive35i cost Rp 1.028 billion and BMW X3xDrive20d (diesel) business Rp 828 million and Rp 898 Executive million, current prices in the state off the road in Jakarta. Difference betweenthe variants are in business and executive sunroof feature are only found in the executive.

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