Ice Lake Found on Mars

U.S. space agency, NASA, recently found an ice lake the soil dries below the planet Mars. The lake ice contains carbon dioxide is greater than that scientists previously estimated. The remaining material was carbon dioxide suspected by scientists from the former layer of the atmosphere of Mars in the past when Redplanet that has conditions conducive to life. "It's really a treasure," said Jeffrey Plaut, a scientist who worked in NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, in report that appears in the journal Science, quoted, Saturday, April 23 2011. "Wefound something under the ground which was never recognized by anyone before, "said Plaut. This finding was first arrested by radar observations from NASA's, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which flew in above the surface of Mars. This space radar is a specially created radar to find out clues signs life on Mars. The lake ice measuring 3,000 kilometers cubic, or the equivalent volume of Lake Superior. He accommodate a very large carbon dioxide, up to two times the mass of the Martian atmosphere. If compared with Earth, the Martian atmosphere hasa surface pressure of less than 1 percent. And, about 95 percent of air Mars is carbon dioxide, compared to Earth has only 0.04 percent of CO2. "We already know that there are carbon dioxide above the rest of the small ice surface Mars. But, this one 30 times its volume fold more than expected before, "said Roger Phillips, scientist Another comes from the Southwest Research Institute in Colorado and also served as the deputy team leader for the Mars radar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

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