20 Ancient Ship Found Sri Lanka

COLOMBO - National Archaeological Department of Sri Lanka have found part of the 20 ships in the ancient south of the country, according to a archaeologist. Sanath Karunarathne, an archaeologist with the National Archaeological Department says kalaubagian- part of the ancient ship was found when they are conducting surveys marine archeology in the coastal area south. As quoted from People's Daily Online, on Saturday (23/04/2011), Karunaratne said that they also could track the location of the ruins of an ancient ship is close to the port Godavaya in the district of Hambantota. Karunaratne said that the from the ruins of the ship may aged more than 2 thousand years. Marine archaeological survey was conducted by National Archeological Department of in cooperation with the Central Cultural Fund. Detailed information on this discovery will be revealed next few months.

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