Obama Agree to Libya Fighter Jet Delivery

NATO continues overthrow of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi strength with various ways. After sending a team to train intelligence the rebels, now the United States will send a jet flagship fighter to Libya. As reported by Sky News, Friday (22 / 4), U.S. President Barack Obama agree upon the delivery of two Predator aircraft American unmanned Setrikat to Libya. U.S. Defence Secretary Robert Gates said, " President Barack Obama has agreed to use this plane in Libya. "This aircraft allows the conduct precision attacks low level and is suitable for urban areas such as Misratah, NATO air power has not been able to protect civilians when Khaddafi troops to operate inside the city. The rebels welcomed the delivery of this aircraft. They hope these two predators will assist in protect civilians. But Libya's deputy foreign minister Khalid said, "This aircraft will only lead to the fall more civilian casualties. "

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