How Osama Sending Email Without Caught?

NEW YORK - Despite having no Internet access in place hiding, Osama bin Laden is a prolific writer via email without being noticed by government of the United States (U.S.), which Superpower to make the country are frustrated. This setting allows bin Laden to keep in touch across the world without leaving digital fingerprints in behind him. Bin Laden built system on discipline and confidence. Hiding in a walled compound in Northeast Pakistan without the ability telephone or the Internet, bin Laden would typing a message on a computer without a connection Internet, and then save it with using a flash drive. Osama then send a flash drive to a trusted courier, which will lead an internet cafe which is very far from his hiding place. On location , the courier will install the drive into memory computer, copy the message bin Laden into an email and send it. Launched by News Com, Friday (13/05/2011), the courier will copy any incoming email to a flash drive and back to the complex, where bin Laden will read offline message. This is a slow process and exhausting. And so thorough that Intelligence officials have even veteran amazed at the ability of bin Laden to maintain it for so long. U.S. always suspicious of bin Laden communicates via courier but did not anticipate extent of communication as disclosed by the material he left behind. Al-Qaeda known to vary e-mail address, so it is not clear how many are still active since the death of son Laden. U.S. troops find there own at least 100 flash memory drive. Tool This tiny cited used as a warehouse archives communication between Osama and the people Nearby far.

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