Nigeria Unrest Kills 800 People

Lagos - Unrest in Nigeria reportedly common pascapemilihan causing 800 people died. At least this is the reported by Human Rights Watch (HRW) today. "bloody violence associated with elections in Nigeria, causing 800 people died. This amount is recorded since the impairment afterthe April 2011 presidential elections ago, "said the HRW report asquoted by AFP on Monday (5/16/2011). According to observers of human rights organization based in New York, United States (U.S.), this, these victims were killed in three days of rioting that occurred in 12 states Nigeria. Violence in Nigeria took place after President Goodluck Jonathan won the seat after Nigeria's president April 16 ballot. Riots broke out after Jonathan's win with the acquisition of 57 percent of the vote than his opponent Muhammadu Buhari who get 31 percent of the vote. Unrest spread rapidly in some areas led the indiscriminate attack between two groups Jonathan and Buhari supporters. Both these support each other clashing machetes and sticks during riots. Many thought the riot was triggered by sentiment religious, but most analysts believe that the riots because of poverty and economic marginalization in the region northern Nigeria.

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