Opera Mini 6 for iOS

Browser Opera Mini 6 for IOS Opera has joined the family and can be downloaded free from Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad. Mobile browser Opera Mini offers different experience when surfing the web to complement the browser and iPhone iPad which has been available. Features compression almost 90% of the traffic data to obtain speed and cost-effective will not make users lose patience while in the network connection slow internet, or when roaming. For users who have iPhones 4, Opera Mini 6 can adapt in high resolution and changes in user interface (UI) for accommodate the size of the screen. As for users of the iPad, the browser Opera Mini version 6 will change the display become more comfortable for the tablet. "I would compare it with walked onto the stage and hear rumbling sound the audience, "says CEO Opera, Lars Boilesen, when describe his feelings when Opera Mini 6 is available on the App Store in official statement on Wednesday (25/05/2011). "We've held a lot of practice and was ready to try the experience new. Opera Mini browser is always appropriate date when the download page, and now browsing becomes more subtle and easy, "he concluded. Opera Mini 6 for the IOS claims faster and smooth in moving and zoom (zoom), which makes the users get a more details for each page, in one smooth motion. In addition, Opera Mini 6 also shows button to share to share sites that you like on your friends at My Opera, Facebook, Twitter or your Russian social networking directly vKontakte of its browser. Behind the stage, the engineers Opera have changed the browser becomes more faster and lighter. Navigate to fast, even on large web pages, for instant access. In IOS, the browser Opera Mini is registered as a downloader single for all the IOS device.

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