Lampo3 Coupe Sport Car

Original car manufacturers Switzerland, Protoscar expresscar latest electric sports. Sport car was nicknamed Lampo3 coupe. This is the best sports car environmentally friendly than cocoa-producing countries the best. Lampo3 is the third generation from the ranks of lampo. Now Lampo3 still using the platform and technology model Lampo2 who have passed the test as far as 30 thousand kilometers. It's just Lampo3 body is more aggressive. As quoted from automotto, Tuesday (05/24/2011) at Lampo3 immersed electric motor powerful enough. Lampo3 reinforced motor electricity that could catapult power 420kW or 563 Hp with a torque of 900 Nm. Born as the latest model, Lampo3 could run from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds with a matter of time limit speed 220 km / hour. While the battery power could 32kWh melesatkan Lampo3 until distance of 200 km. Simply fantastic for electric cars buata Switzerland, especially the Swiss has not been too well known to produce cars electricity. Protoscar party claims on battery power tersimpai Lampo3 car is more than enough. There are 3 motors are immersed in bottom. One motor to drive the front wheels, and 2 motor to drive both rear wheels. With a futuristic sports car concept, with a stronger body Lampo3 composite materials. Material selection is to maintain weight car so as not to overdo it. Lampo3 sports car has a length of 84.5 inches and 78.5 inches wide width. This is a four seater with adequate performance impressive. Design Lampo3 shows the maturity of the Protoscar designers. The car also had menjuari GT1 24 hours of LeMans 2010. Rumored Lampo3 performance will be tested throughout 2011. Not yet clear when Lampo3 coupe will be produced en masse.
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