Peugeot EX 1 Fastest Electric Car World

For the first time in history, the French car manufacturer, Peugeot, successfully broke the world record at the famous race track Nurbugring, Germany. Interestingly, the record is not obtained by using conventional-engined cars, but with car concept electricity. EX1. Peugeot EX1 broke the record with the time difference to 50 seconds compared to the previous record. Peugeot's record-breaking is done with the concept EX1 rider named Stephane Caillet. To break the record Caillet bring this concept Peugeot EX1 handle links by the average velocity average 138.324 km / hour. With this achievement, Peugeot EX1 also managed to snatch predicate asthe fastest electric car on the track of Nurburgring-Nordschleife. Peugeot concept EX1 scored just 9 minutes 1.388 seconds to devour the Nurburgring-Nordschleife track that tracks along 20.8 miles. The previous record for an electric vehicle is 9:51:45 dibubukan by Mini E Race in 2010. EX1 is a car two-seater roadster that front grille combines "floating " and the flowing contours of the concept of SR1. While the kitchen pacunya filled by two electric motors each motor has the power to 125 kW. So if combined power of this car can reach 250 kW, equivalent with 340 hp with maximum torque of 480 Nm (354 lb- ft).

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