Yamaha XJ6 Limited Edition

Yamaha XJ6 is the type of course aimed at motor sport for real bikers. But for lady bikers who are interested in This type of motor is good news. This Japanese manufacturer introduced a special edition which they dubbed Yamaha XJ6 Rosa Italy. Manufacturers bearing this tuning fork caress some parts like spakbor, headlamp cover up the tank with color pink. The color pink is a color that is identical to the weather, although it does not reduce the impression gahar on motor thatthat wing of this streetfighter. This limited edition version will be equipped with LED indicators Carbon Look Series. Yamaha XJ6 4-cylinder engine equipped with line capacity 600cc and capable of producing power 78 hp. Yamaha give something different to hide silincer muffler. For the price, the Yamaha Italia Euro 6690 approximately Rp. 85.1 millions. Just info, this bike will perform initial debut on 7 May in the carpet Tour d'italy.

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