Toyota Afro Most Wanted America

LOS ANGELES-Toyota turns to be The most popular car brand residents African descent in America. Along In 2010, African American buy new cars or 7.4 641.090 percent of sales across the country Uncle Sam. Of 641.090 vehicles purchased, as much as 15 percent comes from Toyota, Ford's second position is occupied by 11.7 percent, as quoted Okezone of Autoblog, on Monday (02/05/2011). From the release of a research institute revealed RK Polk was also revealed in the third position 11.4 percent are Chevrolet, Honda 11.3 percent, 5.6 percent Hyundari, Kia 4.2 percent, 4.2 percent Kia, Dodge 4.2 percent, GMC 4.0 percent, 2.8 percent GMC, and Volkwagen 2.2 percent. U.S. Census Bureau predicts Afro Americans will increase 25 percent in 2030. In 2010 alone, sales of the Afro America rose 11.5 percent compared in 2009. This sharp increase rather than sales to non-ethnic market amounted to 6.8 percent. "With the increase significant African American is an attractive segment for manufacturing development opportunities automotive, "says a strategist of the product Polk, Marc Bland.

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