Iphone 5 Specs

Apple is Getting Ready for
the iPhone 5 Launch
One of the biggest Chinese
newspapers, China Times, reported
this week that Apple has received a
shipment of 400 , 000 iPhone 5
smartphones, that are to be tested
before the release of 4 ,000 , 000 units
this September . This article suggests
that the big launch will take place in
the second week of September .
Rumors from other iPhone
publications and websites , like iPhone
Italia, who heard this from an
undisclosed executive at Swisscom,
point towards a more exact release
date, it being September 5 , which is
also Labor Day in the U .S . this year. A
major product launch on a holiday is
very unlikely and Apple hasn ’t
confirmed, denied or announced
anything official.
More info from this report indicate
that Apple will also launch the new
iPad 3 around Thanksgiving this year
and that it will be a big improvement
over the current iPad. The device is
being released later than it was initially
thought due to component problems.
Most analysts are skeptical that Apple
will launch an upgrade to one of their
best sellers , the iPad 2 , only 9 months
after it was introduced , while other
analysts say we will see a new iPad
this year in the form of an “ iPad 2
Plus”, which will be a slightly improved
iPad 2 .
Apple has previously launched new
iPhones at the Worldwide Developers
Conference(WWDC ), which is held in
June, and most people were
expecting the iPhone 5 back then .
Attention now turns to September ,
when Apple normally holds its iPod
focused event . Also, because the new
operating system is scheduled to be
released this Fall , it is expected that
the iPhone 5 will be introduced at the
same time as the iOS 5 .
Apple and AT&T Preparing
Staff for the iPhone 5 Release
According to Boy Genius Report (BGR ),
AT& T is expecting a large influx of
customer in September . They have
asked managers in locations all over
the country to finish employee
training so that they can be ready and
available for the big number of
people that will want to purchase an
iPhone 5 immediately after its
Other reports show that Apple is
increasing its staff in store locations
around the United States and United
Kingdom . Job listings have been
posted on UK websites , looking for
iPhone sales persons and specialists,
and US Apple stores are asking former
employees to return as part time
employees for “new product
launches ”.
Whether these rumors are true or not ,
we will find out shortly . Apple is
expected to announce something
officially about the iPhone 5 any day
now and they will most likely do that
by the end of August .

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