Klinsmann promises new style for U . S. soccer

Former Germany coach Jurgen
Klinsmann made his first public
appearance as coach of the U .S .
men 's soccer team, and immediately
vowed to bring some style to the job .
Klinsmann , who won the 1990 World
Cup as a player and took the German
national team to the semi -finals of the
2006 tournament, was announced as
Bob Bradley's replacement on Friday,
24- hours after the American was
sacked .
Monday saw the former striker , who
enjoyed successful spells as a player at
Tottenham Hotspur , Bayern Munich
and Inter Milan , face the press for the
first time as he set out his agenda for
the national team .
" This is exciting, " he told reporters.
" One of my challenges will be to find a
way to define how the U . S. represents
its country and its style of play."
As well as defining a new style for the
U .S . national team , Klinsmann
promised to look far and wide to
uncover new talent, delving into
America' s soccer- crazy immigrant
communities to unearth an American
Lionel Messi.
" We need to dig into where to find
more talent, " he said.
" Maybe we can find somebody kicking
the ball around the street and develop
him, but this will come with time . I
hope we find a way to find a Lionel
Messi in the United States. That would
be awesome."
Klinsmann is no stranger to the
country. The 47- year-old , who lives in
California and has an American wife,
was linked to the post on two previous
occasions and has seen U .S . soccer
grow up fast in recent years .
" You build on what was built before .
Soccer in the USA has come a long
way," he said
Klinsmann promises new style for U . S. soccer

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