Android Ice Cream Sandwich

A number of photos
allegedly is a phone with
latest Android platform , Ice
Cream Sandwich (ICS ), leaked in
Internet .
Based on the report AndroidPolice
and RootzWiki reported
Softpedia Friday ( 12 / 8 / 2011) , photo -
the image is a screenshot
of the Nexus S with code
IRK 36B . But both sources
confirmed that, although the picture
is authentic, the ICS itself is still in
development process.
Based on the image, rather - rather
greenish color displays
as Android phone in
Generally, the latest version of
Google ' s has the feel of
bluish color .
In addition, the OS also allows
users to change themes or
lock the screen more easily
and diverse . Another feature that is
interesting is the additional
' Panorama' mode on the camera ,
which will be feature
standard on the ICS .
Some Google applications
probably going to get
The new design , but currently only
Gmail application that can be
got a new design .
Part notifikasinya not much
changed from Android 2 . 1 eclair , but
Google Search it is now displayed
at the top of the screen to face, as
as in the Honeycomb .
Although this screenshot
using a Nexus S , phone
The first mentioned going to
carrying the Ice Cream Sandwich
Nexus Prime is , the
plan would be slid over the end

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