iPhone 5 Can Duplicate Apple Market Share

The high demand
for iPhone 5 that have not been able to
certain when the launch,
make observers predict
that the fifth-generation smartphones
Apple is able to market melesatkan
companies share up to two times
folding .
Similarly , the analysis presented
Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray
as quoted by CNET , Wednesday
( 3 / 8 / 2011 ).
After surveying
sample population of 216 mobile phone owners,
Munster found a high
demand for the iPhone 5 , both of
iPhone owners and their
who have other smartphones.
Approximately 29 percent of the sample
Munster population known to have
have an iPhone , while 17
percent have cell phones
Android and 28 percent had
BlackBerry .
Of the 29 percent of iPhone owners, 94
percent of them intend to buy
Another iPhone . Only 6 percent of
claimed to be interested in the device
Android . Meanwhile , among
Android owners, 42 percent of
minded to change their mobile phones
them with the iPhone .
In a survey of customers
Verizon is not yet
have an iPhone , 55 percent admitted
want to buy such devices ,
while 74 percent specifically
mentions his plan to buy
iPhone 5 . As many as 55 percent
AT & T customers are also being
look forward to welcoming the iPhone
latest generation.
Although only conducted on
a small number of mobile users ,
but this survey is quite
shows the high interest
community towards the iPhone 5.
Munster believes, enthusiasm
presumably due to community
they have to wait approximately 14
months of the launch of the iPhone 4
5 which is suppose to iPhone
will be released next September ,
than the usual cycle of
only 12 months.
Referring to the results of this survey,
Munster believes that the iPhone 5
able to increase the prediction
sales of the iPhone on the Verizon network
higher in this quarter
than the initial estimate of 3, 8
million units . While sales
iPhone as a whole
predicted to reach 22 million units
during the quarter ended
September .

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