Applications in the Earthquake Warning IOS 5

Applications in the Earthquake
Warning IOS 5
JAKARTA - The operating system
Apple' s latest IOS five completed application
earthquake early warning is intended to
Apple users in Japan.
According to users who have access to
IOS beta version 5, there is a choice in
Notification settings Centre
Japan allows users to receive
earthquake early warning. IOS 5 can
runs on the Apple iPhone , iPod touch and
iPad .
Apple reported in the blog 9 to5,
use of the power consuming applications
great battery .
Japan already has a warning system
quake online since 2007. That system will
provide earthquake warnings two
minutes before the quake
so users can save
self . That system also has to be
send text alerts to mobile phones.
Apple has announced IOS 5 in
worldwide developers conference in San
Francisco, USA, in June this year.
Although Apple has not provided the date of
launch of the operating system ,
IOS likely 5 will be released on
September or October.
Apart from the Notification Centre , which
serves to facilitate the setting
incoming messages and reminders. IOS 5 also
add features iMessage , messages between
IOS device, reminder and application
Newsstand for magazines and newspapers .
These updates are expected to become available
together with the latest version of the iPhone ,
which reportedly has a processor that
faster, bigger screen and
number of pixels on a camera -enhanced
Thus Telegraph .

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