New Bird Species Found in America

New Bird Species
Found in America

AMAZON - This week was
important moment for the United
( U .S .), because for the first time
New bird species found in
Amazon , after several decades .
The discovery of this previously rather
faintly visible on the radar of
scientists , perhaps because birds
are similar to
documentation of other species that
already exists.
As quoted by Discovery News ,
Saturday ( 27 / 8 / 2011 ), bird species
newly discovered in Amazon
is a type of sea birds , namely
Bryan Shearwater ( Puffinus Bryani ),
derived from the Hawaiian Islands .
A paper found on
the journal The Condor noted that the
This is a new species
The first time there in the U .S ., since
Po 'ouli found in forests of Maui
in 1974.
To ascertain whether Bryan
Shearwater is a new species ,
The imuwan perform DNA tests.
After the results came out , otherwise
if the bird is really
a new species in the U .S ..
" The discovery of new species
this bird, very interesting . We
satisfied after confirming the
Our initial through DNA tests , so
could confirm if this animal
is a unique bird, well
genetically , as well as from
appearance . This is something
very rare in
a species of bird, "said Rob
Fleischer , Head of Smithsonian
Conservation Biology Institute
( SCBI) .
Bryan Shearwater is a species
Shearwater smallest in the world.
Flieischer added, if
This bird is also a bird
rare that must be protected in order
not extinct.
" If we can find out where
These species breed, then
we might have a chance
to protect and preserve
from extinction , " said Andreanna
Welch , co Flieischer of SCBI .

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